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To nurture and sustain the self,

the community and the environment


ECHOSTORE DAVAO is a licensed concept store operated by South Gastro Group Inc.

Opening its doors to Davaoenos in 2014, it is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to start and support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


The pioneering retail social enterprise in the Philippines, Echostore, by its very name,

cares for the ENVIRONMENT, helps the COMMUNITY, promotes HEALTH and works with ORGANIZATIONS. That’s why it’s ECHO. The brand-company engages with different institutions to support livelihood through market access for products that are produced by marginalized communities from all over the country.


A curated hub of local, artisanal and Philippine-made products, a full shopping and dining experience is offered at the market and café where one can discover local finds and bring home to enjoy and share with family and friends. 

It is our wish that every Echostore community member eat healthy and shop mindfully while we help many others.

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